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Girlan-Bey** - a Polish sensation

Private breeding of arabian horses in Poland is growing, and slowly beginning to make its mark. At the Bialka show in May 2004, something quite extraordinary happened. For the first time ever, a private bred horse was elected National Champion!

Competing against the best youngstock from the three old state studs, it was Girlan-Bey**, the pride of SK Niewierz, who defeated them all. Not only did he claim the title of Polish National Jr Champion Stallion, he was also elected Best In Show, beating the gorgeous Janow-filly Palmeta to the title. And the sensation was a fact.

Like father, like son

Girlan-Bey** is a spitting image of his sire Pesal*** (Partner x Perforacja ), a fact that could be observed during the show season 2004, as father and son stood side by side in the stalls of European Training Center at the big European shows. Pesal*** is definitely one of Bialka’s best breedings, a glorious union of beauty and correctness, and he has a very impressive show record, to say the least. Pesal***’s greatest successes include:

• Polish National Jr Champion Stallion 1993
• Polish National Champion Stallion Res. 1996
• All Nations Cup Champion Stallion Res. 1996
• Polish National Champion Stallion and Best In Show 1997
• Italian National Champion Stallion Res. 2002
• Best In Show, C-show, Rome 2002
• Champion Stallion & Highest Score, Ströhen, 2004
• Dutch National Champion Stallion 2003
• Class winner at the European Championships 2003 and 2004
• All Nations Cup Top 5 Stallion 2004
• Class winner & Top 10, World Championships, Paris 2004

Pesal*** is also the sire of Jordanian National Champion Stallion BK Hamza and International Champion Filly Ciarka. However, Pesal*** is not “just” an excellent show horse and sire, he also raced for two seasons in Warsaw with more than decent results [2/14 (1-3-2-3)]. Pesal*** certainly leaves some big shoes to fill!

The damline

Girlan-Bey** hails from a very strong damline, that produces both show and performance horses of the highest quality. His dam GRACJA-BIS, daughter of living legend and champion producer Monogramm, was Champion Filly and BIS at the 1997 Championships of the Polish Arab Horse Breeders Society. She raced six times, and rather successfully too (2-3-0), clearly carrying the good racing genes from her damline. Her first daughter Groteska (by Emigrant) took the fifth place in the Yearling Class at the 2001 Polish Nationals. Her second daughter Galia-Bis (by Pamir) was fourth at the 2002 Bialka Spring Show, Junior Champion Private Bred Filly and the BIS Private Bred Horse. Gracja-Bis herself was sold at the Polish Prestige-Belvedere Auction in 2002 for 70’000 USD. Gilza, great granddam of Gracja-Bis, is the origin of many famous horses. Among them are her daughters Gildia, Gizela and Getynga, granddaughters Geneza (Oaks winner 1987), Garonna (Oaks winner 1989), Gaskonia, Grenlandia (Polish National Champion Mare 1996), great grandsons Ganges (Polish National Champion Stallion 2001, All Nations Cup Champion Stallion Res. 2001, US Top Ten Stallion 2002, US National Champion Stallion Res. 2003), Grafik and Gaspar (Junior National Champions) and Gwaro (Derby winner).

Aqcuiring a dream

Girlan-Bey** made his international debut at the All Nation’s Cup in Aachen as a yearling, then still in SK Niewierz’ ownership, and that’s where we saw him for the first time.

Being devoted fans of Polish horses, we had heard about his success at the Bialka show earlier that year, so we were curious and were keeping an eye out for him. And there he was, in the rather large, tough group of yearling colts - a lean, young-looking, dark grey with white markings, maybe not as professionally conditioned as his competitors, but well-mannered and showy. He made a rather modest performance and ended up in 9th place and left the arena pretty much unnoticed. Well, not by us obviously. When he entered the show ring, tail flagging, neck arched, dancing gently by his handler’s side, there was something about him that made an impression. He had charisma, quality, correctness – a diamond in the rough? His image stuck in our minds and we said to each other, as a joke at first, “- He’ll do! Let’s buy him!”. But it didn’t remain a joke for long.

So, the game began. Naturally, Girlan-Bey** was not for sale when we started making inquiries shortly after the show, but thanks to a whole lot of persuasion and negotiation efforts by a very enthusiastic and persistant Jörgen Fredriksen, Michail Bogajewicz finally agreed to sell Girlan-Bey** to us. In May 2004 he left Poland to prepare for the show season at European Training Center in Belgium, under Swedish colours this time.

Living the dream

After only three weeks in training, Girlan-Bey** was shown at the A-show at Vilhelmsborg in Denmark. He was gently guided by his new handler Philippe Hosay to a fantastic - and rather shocking to the new owners! – result: the second highest score of the show and unanimous Champion Colt! The reigning German National Champion Colt Psadisho El Esstashan from Sax Arabians had to be content with the reserve title this time.

Girlan-Bey** then went on to be Champion Colt at the exclusive Elran Cup in Belgium, followed by another class win and a Top 5-title at the All Nations Cup at Aachen, all in extremely tough competition. Having won four big titles at four prestigious shows, Girlan-Bey* crowned the 2004 season by winning the first ECAHO Cup trophy for colts – in effect a title for the most successful colt of the show season 2004. The ECAHO Cup Trophies will be handed out to the first four winners – Sundos Al Nasser, Eternity Ibn Navarrone, Loubna and Girlan-Bey* – some group! - at the European Championships 2005.

Due to his successes, Girlan-Bey** received a special invitation to take part in the Dubai International Arabian Horse Championships at the Dubai World Trade Centre in march 2005. Along with five other invited European horses, Girlan-Bey** made the long trip to the UAE, where he entered the toughest class he has ever been in, a line-up of some of the world’s best three year old colts. Girlan-Bey** made it to an honouring 2nd place, beaten only by SC Dagash, but leaving former World Champion Insh Allah and former All Nation’s Cup Champion Ghajariy behind at 3rd and 5th place respectively. What an adventure!

Since then, Girlan-Bey** has been at home for a while, relaxing in our back yard, serving his first season in the breeding barn and being broke to ride. He also made his first public appearance in Sweden at the Swedish Nationals in Jönköping, where he put on a great show together with Johanna Ullström and became Swedish National Champion Colt and received the award for Highest Score of the Show at 92.17p.
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